Thinking Big, Thinking Green

Think globally, act locally is not an all environmental slogan. Many of us have heard it and therefore are associating it with environmental movements and campaigns, but the truth is the slogan was attributed to a Scottish town planner named Patrick Geddes, but ever since he launched the expression, in the beginning of the 20th century it has gained new meanings in business and environmental activity. David Brower, the founder of Friends of The Earth, an environmental organization is the one who’s said to have used the slogan for the first time in an environmental context.

But what does it mean, really? And apart from the fact that most of us agree with what is says, do we actually live by this rule?

How many companies invest in hybrids or environmentally friendly vehicles? Gone are the times when recharging the battery on an electric car was more of a challenge than a practicality. Nowadays it’s getting easier and easier. Moreover, hybrids have reached a really high technological level, especially in recent years, so more and more famous car manufacturers are releasing new models on the market. Sometimes these models cost a little more than a regular vehicle that works with gas. Could that be the reason why companies that purchase cars for their employees prefer not to invest so much in environmentally friendly cars? The truth is they could save a lot of money if they did because they are less expensive to recharge and we all know that the price of gas is continuously growing. Moreover, these vehicles are perfect in cases when they need to be used on short distances and when often stops have to be made: such as post office vehicles, airport vehicles that carry luggage and so on and so forth. And how many town halls have invested in an environmentally friendly transportation? Much more could be done from perspective as well. Using hybrids for public transportation will reduce noise pollution and exhaust fumes pollution t once.

Think about all the little things you could do to influence the global process of saving the planet.