MSU Global Access

MSU Global Access was a website designed as a portal to information about the world. This portal was formed by multiple websites and other valuable resources that had been selected by professionals and experts from Michigan State University. Moreover, MSU Global Access featured newly-created resources that are intended to make finding the right information even when it seemed impossible to be found.

The database contained in this portal has several unique features. Primarily, the database was designed to offer information seekers the opportunity to search the info they need by entering a combination of categories. Also, individuals had the opportunity to search by a single category. These categories may include world regions or countries, thematic areas such as environment, travel, geography or gender. One may also search by a constituency group such as business or labor as well as resource type such as maps, new sources or study abroad programs. To give an example, one may use the search tool on this portal whenever they are looking information on environment and Latin America and the Caribbean or Mexico and Business and labor constituency or Africa and International Development.

The portal also offered the opportunity to use Favorite Links and other Web Directories, on each category. One may search extensively within a certain category. Through the Country pages, individuals may find out basic facts, news headlines, travel information and maps as well as other types of information about a certain country. The website is also providing access to several resources from Michigan, including universities, government and community organizations. These resource were highlighted on the website and MSU Global Access Michigan as a special part of the website entirely dedicated to issues regarding Michigan.

Information about the world has never been more accessible and available to any type of researcher or curious individual.