Advices to everyone who goes to Michigan

Advices to everyone who goes to MichiganDo you remember Fenimore Cooper? Chingachgook, the last of the Mohicans, damn Huron and Leather Stocking? Everything that is described there, occurred in Michigan: and the house on a raft was here, and scalps, and angry Indians, and noble hunters…

Seldom who, planning trip to the United States, will say: “It is necessary to go to Michigan”. Outside the country, Michigan is well-known unless for automotive industry. And if you like the cars and the history of formation of the auto industry, then you should come here. Well, if you want to hunt deer? So you, too, come here. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking? Same here. And yet there are two universities – Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. They are renowned for their international programs and a large number of students from other countries study here, including from former Soviet republics.

Michigan consists of two parts, lapped by the Great Lakes: the lower and the upper peninsula. Lower Peninsula on the map is similar to a mitten, so do not be surprised if the answer to the question: “Where is it?” the answering will stretch you the palm and will start pointing a finger at its different sites or to the question “Where is the city of Bad Axe (Bad Axe, honestly)? “, you will be answered: “Around a thumb”.

Well, lets give in essence.

Getting there

If you come from Europe or ex USSR, please take into consideration that there are no direct flights to Detroit. Change should be done either in the USA, or in Europe. Change in the US can be very fussy as it will be necessary to go through passport control, to wait for your things, to pass through the customs, to transfer items for onward transport and run a search for the terminal and the output.

If to do the change in Europe, the things are easier: the airline will take care of the overloaded luggage. In the plane at approaching the USA you fill the entrance documents and the customs declaration and that’s all.

Caution! It is impossible to import vegetables, fruit and meat products. If you will be covered – fine. Plus it will be more difficult to obtain visa the next time.

You can even fly through Chicago. Or, if you have a Canadian visa, via Toronto. And from Toronto and from Chicago to Detroit 4-5 hours by car.

Getting around the state

It is necessary to rent a car because public transportation is not developed in Michigan. It is, but it is extremely uncomfortable. In order to take a car, you need international license, passport and bank card. If you take a car for a week, it will cost between $ 270 and above.